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Review Conference 12th November 2004

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Conference on the digitization of the Dutch Population Censuses 1795 - 1971


In completion of the data entry activities, Statistics Netherlands and NIWI organized on 12th November 2004 a conference on the digitization of the Dutch Population Censuses 1795 - 1971. The lecturers outlined different aspects of the project.

New website is launched
Prof.dr. Jarig van Sinderen, substitute director-general of Statistics Netherlands, and dr. Peter Doorn, head of the History department of the Netherlands Institute of Scientific Information Services (NIWI), inaugurated the new website. Through this website the wide public will have acces to census data. The tables which are presented as Excel spreadsheets, are aggregated from the census publications. These tables are still being checked and rectified.

The Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) and other projects
Besides presentations on the digitization of the Dutch population censuses, attention was also given to the HSN project of the International Institute of Social History (IISH). This project implies the digitization of individual life courses. Other projects outlined were the Virtual Population Census 2001 of Statistics Netherlands and the Historical Geographical Information System for The Netherlands (HGIN) of NIWI. Finally a call for papers was made for the upcoming conference on 27th January 2006 (rectified: 29th September 2006).


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