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The 1960 population census was the first computer-administered census. Every counted person corresponded to one punchcard in a file of 11,5 million punchcards. In 1969 the punch cards of the 1960 census were added to the Steinmetz data archive. In 1995 the raw ACII-files were converted to SPSS systemfiles. In this process variables were recode and were provided with lables.

In 2002 the existing criteria of the data analysis were evaluated. The conclusion was that several records within the files were not used.

There is a more comprehensive report the state of affairs of the datafile of the 1960 census is described. Included are suggestions for the 'digital restauration' and the accessibility of the data.

If you would like to consult the individual data of the 1960 census (under certain conditions), please contact Centrum voor Beleidsstatistiek (CvB) of Statistics Netherlands.
Nozems in de vroege jaren 60

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