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The 1869 population census consists of 3 parts:

Part 1 includes an introduction and 5 sections. The content of these sections is as follows:

  • Section 1: houses (inhabited or not), inhabited ships, households, and inhabitants. The table consists of 13 columns.
  • Section 2: counted population in the municipalities. The table consists of 30 columns.
  • Section 3: classification of temporal residents and temporal absentees to residence. The table consists of 18 columns.
  • Section 4 A: the 'real population' in each municipality. Data: birthplace, civil status, sex, area, and population density.
  • Section 4 B: information on religion of the real population in each municipality.
  • Section 5: administrative and judicial cantons, and districts such as electoral and school districts.
Feesttrein van het Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs op Walcheren in 1870

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