The results of the 1830 population census were fractionaly published in the 19th century. The census as presented on this website, is based on the following publications:
  • Bijdragen tot de algemeene Statistiek van Nederland”. Jaargang 1878. Aflevering I. (’s Gravenhage 1880)
  • De bijlage tot deel II van de Volkstelling 1859
  • Jaarboekje van Lobatto
Important note: the position of the province Limburg changed in 1830. From 1789 until 1839 Limburg and Belgian Limburg were united under French (-1814), Dutch (-1830), and Belgian government. In 1839 both provinces were officially separated. As the 1830 census data were based on later publications, data on Dutch Limburg are included in these tables.

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